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Look where he has been

New country conquered: Hungary!
As promised, pictures from Budapest!

Darren and the Golden Gate Bridge ─ San Francisco here we are!
Home sweet home, I’m back!

( Thanks to Jana!! ♥ )

Darren was in Rome, near the Colosseum!

(Thanks to Pippo)

Oh oh Darren in Vegas!!

(Thanks to Jana)

Darren was in China, on the Great Wall! (Thanks to Pia)

(we all bet he sang some mulan songs during the trip xD)

Wooooah, guys!
Thank you for 300 followers! ♥

Darren’s going to Budapest next weekend! ;) 

Darren now covered also Slovakia.
Conquering the world step by step.
@ Bratislava

"Seems like I didn’t get the chance to meet my buddy @ the ITAtube convention! They didn’t let me in!! :( but guess who wandered all around Milan this weekend looking for Tyler Oakley??"

Darren keeps travelling around Czech Republic.

Trip to Prague!


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